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Freedom from being Overweight

We have an amazing weight loss program that guides you to your ideal fitness.  What if it could be really easy for you to choose the healthy options?  To choose healthy foods in just the right quantity not because you ‘should’, but because that is actually what you want to do?

To choose to exercise because you actually enjoy it? These are the changes you can experience on our LITHE weight loss program.

Watch video adjacent from a satisfied client who is still benefiting from the LITHE program more than 2 years after she completed it.

Vanessa started the program just before Easter.  Listen to her explain how effortless it was to get through easter without overindulging.  This is what happens with our LITHE program. You choose healthy foods in just the right quantity for you; not because you should or must, but because that is exactly what you feel like doing.

Our LITHE Weight loss program is a comprehensive 28 Day program that includes the following:

  •   Around 6  hours of hypnotherapy and NLP including "Virtual Gastric Band" hypnosis
  •   8 hypnosis recordings, one of which to be listened to each day of the program (very enjoyable and around 20-25 minutes each)
  •   Daily emails with a checklist to help keep you on track (only takes  1 minute to fill in check list)
  •   Email and Phone support from Michael Whelehan
  •   1 Ebook

We also have a 90-day program which includes all of the above and more for those who would like to easily and permanently shed a significant amount of weight. Please call for more information on this program

Further Information

While other generic audio programs on the market can be effective if you can stick with them for long enough, our program is different because it holds you accountable for your progress.

I have a unique system whereby you keep track of your progress and results, AND you have regular connect with me personally to ensure that you keep on track with a mindset that makes it natural for you to choose healthy food and exercise and to enjoy thinking like a naturally thin person.

Loving Life Slim LITHE weight loss program

Please do not subscribe for the LITHE program unless you are serious about your weight loss goals.

We are very serious about your health and about helping you change your subconscious so that making healthy choices with food and exercise becomes a habit for you.  We therefore only accept subscriptions from people who are genuinely prepared to commit to spending around 40 minutes daily for the program.

The program's five simple steps are easy to follow, and the key to changing those subconscious habits is daily listening to a ‘Mind Conditioning hypnotherapy recording and doing some simple visualization exercises.

Clients report the recordings to be very relaxing and yet at the same time motivational, which is not surprising since they are very much like guided meditations.

In less than 1 month, you can transform your habits in relation to food and exercise.

Suitability to the program is assessed in an initial free interview.


'LITHE' - This is an acronym that very nicely describes how this program works.

'LITHE' - Adjective (especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful.

Synonyms: agile, graceful, supple, limber, loose-limbed, nimble, deft, spry, flexible, pliant, pliable, lissom, willowy, acrobatic, fit

Each character in the acronym 'LITHE' represents one of the 5 simple steps that will soon become a habit for you, and change the way you look and feel:

L = Listen to your body

I = Increase your movement and exercise

T = Think Slim Mind Power Conditioning recordings (it starts with you taking control)

H = Happiness is the key to overcoming emotional and reward-based eating (recordings and Visualisation)

E = Eat consciously and enjoy your food


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