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Evolution built us for fight or flight, with adrenaline and cortisol running through our bodies to help us defend against an invader or run away from a wild animal.

Nowadays, an email can trigger the same response!  And so many are suffering from constant low level stress that can build up to become unmanageable.  Particularly with what the world is going through at the moment.

NLP and hypnotherapy are powerful tools that can help you get back control of your thoughts and your mind.

At Breathe Hypnotherapy we LOVE helping people just like you, to make significant, positive and permanent changes in your life.

We therefore offer 3 options, so that there is a package perfectly suited to helping you overcome the level of stress and anxiety you are suffering from.  We guarantee* our work and so you can only win by participating in this program.

You'll find testimonials below from clients who have experienced wonderful transformations, because they've learnt to tap into their powerful subconscious mind, thanks to our packages.

Silver Package- Zoom

Only $195

NLP and Hypnotherapy - 1 hour session

You want to explore the amazing power of NLP and hypnotherapy in one session of one hours duration.

This package includes a scheduled Zoom session teaching you NLP techniques that you can practice at any time on your own. You also get to experience fundamental change at the subconscious level via hypnosis in this zoom session.

You will also have a recording so that you can go back to the remarkably relaxing state of hypnosis at any time of your convenience to reinforce the powerful learnings from the zoom session.

See how powerful Amelia's changes were after just one NLP/Hypnotherapy session in the video below

Gold Package- Zoom

Only $295

Quantum or Universal Consciousness Transformation - Approx. 2 hour session

What if you really transform your life in just one 2 hour session?

What if you could shift suffering, pain, anxiety or stress that you have been experiencing for many months or even years?

This is possible as you can see from the testimonial in the video below.

These sessions can also be used to find your life's purpose, to make a difficult, potentially life changing decision, or to resolve internal conflict over past actions.

You can also use this experience to journey through altered states of consciousness.

Read more about Quantum Consciousness and Universal Consciousness HERE.

Platinum Package- Zoom

Only $995

Freedom From Stress and Anxiety 28 day Program

If you are serious about change, and are determined to take action towards truly being free from high levels of stress and anxiety, please join us for our Platinum Package.  In this package, we guarantee* that, providing you follow the steps outlined in the program, you will absolutely notice differences in your life.  If you are not fully satisfied with the results, we will work with you until your do. That's how confident we are that this will work for you.

Read more about our  Freedom From Stress and Anxiety Package HERE.

*Please note that we regret to say that we are not qualified to work with people with serious mental health issues.  Acceptance into this program is based on a qualifying call, as we will only work with people if we feel that we can help them make a real significant change in their lives.

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