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Freedom From Phobias

Many people are trapped by their phobias, keeping them stuck indoors, afraid of socialising, terrified of heights or flying.  Or perhaps they may push through the phobia, but it makes activities which are normally enjoyable, extremely uncomfortable.

You do NOT have to live with this. We can help so that you are free to do what you want, when you want to do it.

At Breathe Hypnotherapy we LOVE helping you make significant, permanent, positive changes in your life.  We therefore offer a 28 day coaching package that has been proven to work.  We guarantee our work and so you can only win by participating in this program.*

Read more about our Phobia Freedom Package HERE.  Below are some testimonials from some of our clients who have experienced wonderful transformation thanks to learning to tap into their powerful subconscious mind with our packages.

Freedom from Fear of Heights

Merza overcame a lifetime fear of heights that impacted him even if climbing a small ladder.  After our Freedom from Phobia package, Merza went tree surfing and rock climbing with total freedom to enjoy these experiences.

Read more about our Phobia Freedom Package HERE.

Freedom from fear of Doctors and Dentists

Are you so frightened of Dentists or Doctors that even attempting to make an appointment  is impossible without overwhelming stress reaction?

You can be free from this fear.  Visiting a Doctor or Dentist can become quite easy for you. See the testimonial here for the wonderful result that can happen after doing our Phobia Package.   Three appointments booked and attended with ease after doing the Breathe Phobia Package. Read more about our Phobia Freedom Package HERE.

Freedom from fear of pills or medicine

Imagine it not being possible to take any form of medicine or pills without throwing up.  Angela was like this for as long as she could recall.  As a child, her parents even had to resort to hospital and suppositories when she was so sick that medication was critical.

This all changed after getting help from Breathe Hypnotherapy.

Read more about our Phobia Freedom Package HERE.

Freedom from fear of birds

Linda became so terrified of birds that on some days she could not go to work. She was so stressed about her fear that she often burst into tears, her hair was falling out and she had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep.  She got a prescription for medication for anxiety from her doctor but fortunately rang us at Breathe before filling the script. Listen to testimonial in the adjacent box to hear about Linda's transformation after doing our program. (Click on photo)

Read more about our Phobia Freedom Package HERE.

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