Our Freedom Hypnotherapy Packages

At Breathe Hypnotherapy, we love helping people make significant, positive and permanent changes to achieve freedom in their lives.

Your success is ensured by our offering of a comprehensive 28 day package including  4 sessions of hypnotherapy/nlp/coaching:-

  •    Personality and Values profiling: Completed on-line allowing  us to tailor your solution
  •    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): Teaching you techniques to instantly ‘Change State’
  •    Hypnotherapy: Helping to re-program those subconscious patterns
  •    Quantum Conscious– Identifying and overcoming any underlying causes
  •    28 Daily emails as motivation and reminders to follow steps, and tracking of your positive progress
  •    One Hypnosis recording
  •    28 Days of coaching: tracking your progress and offering support

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